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Asthma App

Revolutionary, Digital Asthma Control


Asthma management app designed to simplify peak flow recording and educate children and new asthmatics on making assessment of their asthma wellness


Backed by substantial research and expert input, the app is designed on a solid understanding of user needs and gaps within the digital health sector. 

The app utilises algorithms and smart technology to simplify and streamline asthma control. Designed specifically for the needs of New Zealanders, the app considers key challenges in medication adherence, motivation and behavioural factors to provide Kiwis with the tools they need to take control of their own asthma.

The app tracks and analyses peak flow recordings, medication usage and reported asthma control to support users in understanding and managing trends and anomalies in your asthma progress. Combining your personal asthma data with environmental data, the app helps users to prepare for the daily weather conditions and educates them on actions to take in the future.



UX/UI Design